Thinking Ahead and Behind

Someday I may look back at this time of writing struggles and smile. But for now, I’m in the middle of it, and it ain’t fun. The novel WIP is rearing the ugly head of Muddy Middle Syndrome, along with Main Character Takeover. So I’m going with the flow, getting words down in cyberspace, hoping that somewhere in the middle of it all a truth will pop up and slap me in the face and I can finish the darn thing. And this is the THIRD DRAFT!

So, folks…anybody else out there having this problem? Or have you had this problem in the past?

I have. Many times. Once, it caused me to totally dump  novel that had made it to 35000 words…because 9/11 happened. I had terrorists hijacking (right word?) half the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico by infiltrating workers in, then holding the country’s energy supply hostage. 9/11 happened. I put the book WAY on the back burner. Now, I don’t know if I should take it back out, dust it off, and rewrite it for today.

Might make a great best seller. Might be a dud. What’s stopping me? It isn’t writer’s block. It’s Fear of Success. What if the book does sell? What if it becomes a best seller and puts me on the NYT list? How would that change my quiet little life?

I’ve decided to face that fear, look it in the eyes, and keep writing.

Here’s hoping you do, too.


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