Mystery Writer’s Key West Fest

Just a little reminder, folks.

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A writer’s life is usually quite solitary, but there are times when you get together with others of your kind. You mingle, greet, and network, hang out in the bar(s), make new friends, and go back to your typewriter rejuvenated and re-energized for your work.

So when a friend of mine helped set up the Mystery Writer’s Key West Fest for June 13-15 this summer, I thought it would be a great time to get some new ideas, meet new friends, and network with my peers.

I registered and reserved my hotel room just last week. However…

Other writers have not quite caught on to the absolute coolness of going to Key West, walking in Papa Hemingway’s footsteps, and learning about the craft of mystery writing. Here’s what you’ll miss if you don’t get with the program:

Mystery Writers Key West Fest
Friday Schedule*

3 – 5 p.m., DoubleTree Grand…

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