Because It’s There

Yosemite, CA

This past week put a big bright spotlight on the industry that is Climbing Mt. Everest. Sir Edmund Hilary is turning over in his grave.

So what’s going on? Simply put, twelve Sherpa guides were killed by an avalanche because they were setting up SAFE PATHWAYS for people who paid to climb the mountain. Really? Climb the tallest mountain in the world, where the least breath of wind can throw you into a crevasse?  No, thank you.

People over the years have wondered, like me, why in the world someone would do something so stupid and foolhardy. Humanity always says “Because it’s there.” Well, if that goes for everything, why doesn’t somebody just hike into the mouth of an active volcano and climb in to see if the ‘water is fine’?

Okay, I think I’ve made my point here. But what does this have to do with writing?

This: Ideas come from watching your world, paying attention to current events, and learning what  past historical events have caused what we’re watching emerge across the world. These ideas can be woven into plot lines of thrillers (over the large stage of the entire world), or into tightly plotted stories of individuals who are impacted by seemingly small events.

Here’s what I’m getting at through this entire blog: PAY ATTENTION. Don’t ever say you have writer’s block. That thing just doesn’t exist. What you have is not enough information to put your story down in print. Even walking around thinking about your writing is ‘doing writing’.

So read the news, watch the news, observe people’s varied reactions to events in the world and their own lives. Pay attention.

And your writing will be energized and ready to type.


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