Key West And Mystery Writers: A Great Combination

Authors at the Bar Crawl Mystery Writers Key West Fest 2014 I spent two days hanging out with the writers in this picture, and let me tell you, my writing will never be the same. We all had fun at the bar crawl Friday night, starting out at Smokin’ Tuna, with drinks and dinner, and music. Then most of us moved on to other bars, hanging out at Hogs Breath for a bit, Fairvilla Megastore (which has to be seen to be believed. Trust me. Do not take children there),  Pat Croce’s Rum Barrel and the waterfront Schooner Wharf Bar. Michael Haskins, a great writer and good friend, took pity on my sore feet and gave me a ride back to the Doubletree Resort, the base for the conference. Saturday morning dawned bright and early, as the panels began at 8:30 am. I’d give details, but that’s not what this blog is about. This blog is about how the conference worked, and how it affected me.  The conference opened up my eyes to a whole other country of ideas, characters, and locales. Rest assured, my protagonists will at one time or another go to Key West, chasing clues, or just resting up between cases. (I do have to say the one thing I didn’t expect was the prime rib at our buffet lunch. Delicious!) Other people can talk about what happened at the panels, the various writers who attended and taught us about their writing. I simply am in awe of everything accomplished in two days. We all came away better people and better writers. I know I came home, ready to think about what works and doesn’t work in my WIP, and how I can attack the different problems that have cropped up as I write. Not to mention, the adventures some of us took part in. Ask Heather Graham. She’ll tell you. Adventure is where you find it. And not always in the obvious places.


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