Back In the Desk Chair Again


I haven’t been writing my blog lately due to the requirements of real life, not to mention the needs of my WIP. Real life involves some medical issues which should be taken care of fairly soon. (Nothing drastic. Relax, my friends.) The needs of the WIP include the need to finish the second draft and get it beefed up for critique by a friend. A friend I know will be ruthless and truthful, which is what I need.

I’m starting to get the feeling I always get when I’m about 2/3’s done with something: the feeling that it’s all dreck, that it’s junk, that the writing I’ve done over the past few months is awful. I realize it probably isn’t. When you work on something and pour your sweat, blood, and tears into it, after a while the thing develops its own personality. And right now, that personality seems to be a giant juggernaut dragging along, kicking and screaming.

Yea, it’s turning into a bear. Because it’s going where I didn’t want it to go, but obviously the characters do. So, I go with the flow. I write where it’s going. And if that’s someplace unexpected, maybe that’s good.

But right now, I don’t know for sure if it is good or terrible or anything at all worth reading. So I will give what I have to a friend who, as I said, is ruthless and truthful and honest to a fault.

Never give your writing to people who love you too much. They will never tell you the truth.

So, my friend (and you know who you are), get ready to read the first 100 pages by the next couple of weeks. I hope you like it. But if something isn’t working, tell me.

That’s the only way I’ll work my way out of the corner I’m in.

Real life rears its head and we deal with it. I am. But I keep writing, even when I can’t take it anymore.

Never stop writing, never give up. I won’t.


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