Why do we hate?

Yosemite, CA

Today I was taken to task by an online friend who actually has a point, even if the point comes from a place of anger. If those of us who profess the name of Christ refuse to stand up and protest His Land being attacked, and His People being attacked, we are just as guilty as those who fire the rockets. If we do nothing, we are not professing to be His Children. Praying is fine, but where are the people who, rather than complain about the attacks and the bias in the media, actually do something about it? 

I’ll tell you where we are: right here, aching, confused and tearful, praying for God’s hand to guide and lead us. Each of us as an individual has the obligation to stand against tyranny of any kind. And against liars and other people who present one face to the world but another in private.

I have a real problem with Hamas, mainly because it is patently obvious to me that this group does not care about its own people, or they would not be putting rockets and gun emplacements around schools and hospitals and neighborhoods. Hatred hurts everyone, not just the hater, when that hate is spread around the world with false pictures and false statements and lies all over the place. Since when did a terrorist organization become believable? Since when did it become okay to bomb your own people and accuse the other guy of doing it? 

When did we become a world of “I gotta have MINE” rather than a world of “Here, this is mine, but if you need it more than I do, you can have it” ? 

I know this blog post will be inundated by responses from both sides. All I ask is that you THINK before you type, or post a comment. Look inside your own heart and understand that if you don’t say anything at all, you are condoning the slaughter.

Are we headed back into the Dark Ages of hatred and killing of other people simply because they are different or disagree with us? But…wait….we’re already there.


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