Antagonist’s Viewpoint

Sometimes you just have to try something different to inject new life in a novel. Read below:

I stand in my office, gazing out into the bustling cityscape. The crushed soda can drops to the floor. My hand aches. Another chance failed. I turn back to the room, seeing nothing. Seeing only my devoutest wish: Jake Diamond and his cohort, dead and bloody on the ground, all their hopes and dreams destroyed along with their lives.
Well, as the song says, we’ve only just begun to work the plan. Those two destroyed my life, took away the only thing I ever truly loved. And they didn’t even care. Walked away without even knowing what they’d done.
I’m going to remind them in no uncertain terms. They’re going know at the last who did this and why they are going to die.
But first, I’m going to need to plant another seed. Smirking with delight, I pick up my cell. “Hey. I’m gonna need another job done. By tonight. What’s your cost?”
The person on the other end will do what I ask, without question, never realizing that they, too, will be dead before the weekend begins.


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