Baseball Umpires Leadership Needs To Step Up


Last night during the Marlins-Brewers game, a travesty and tragedy occurred. Marlins MVP Giancarlo Stanton was hit in the left side of the face by a fast ball, dropping him to the ground, badly injured. The game stopped. Everybody held their breath. He was finally taken off the field on a stretcher, headed for a hospital and tests.

That was the tragedy. The travesty came next. Now, this blog is my opinion, so you have the right to disagree with me.

The manager of the Brewers DID NOT REMOVE the pitcher from the game. So he’s on the mound, obviously still emotionally upset, and has to pitch to the guy who’s brought in the finish the at-bat of Stanton. What happens? I think that due to his upset emotional state, he was so focused on NOT hitting the batter again, that he unconsciously threw to the same area, hitting the pinch batter on the arm. The umpire (and this is where I get mad) called the batter for a STRIKE OUT even though he was hit by the ball.

Chaos ensued. The umpires ejected Casey McGehee and Mike Redmond, and warned both dugouts to cool off.

The bottom of the inning comes. A new pitcher for the Marlins comes in. First pitch, a little inside, and the batter is hit on the elbow, where he is WEARING A PADDED SLEEVE. The umpire then EJECTS THE PITCHER from the game.

So, why did he not eject the Brewers’ pitcher? Why did he call outs when the batters were both hit by wild pitches?

I don’t fault the Brewers pitcher. He was visibly upset after the game, which the Marlins lost 4-2. The problem we all have with the game and the events that occurred in the 5th inning is this: the umpire was wrong, badly wrong. And it became patently obvious to anyone on either side who was paying attention that that umpire was calling in favor of the Brewers the entire game.

So why didn’t the other umpires call him on it? Why didn’t the guys in New York call him off the field and replace him?

I don’t know. But I do know that Giancarlo Stanton is more than likely out for the rest of the season, and is probably facing a lot of surgeries to repair the damage from that one errant pitch.

So yes I’m mad at the umpires and upset that the Marlins lost their best player for the rest of the year.

But the main reason I’m upset is that the MLB powers that be don’t seem to care.


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