After taking Hank back to her hotel room, Goldberg and Diamond headed for the hospital where Dr. Anderson was killed. Crime scene tape blocked off the hallway to his office. The officer on guard allowed them under after Goldberg flashed his badge.
“Show me where you were when the Doc got shot,” Goldberg said.
“I was sitting in the chair facing his desk. He’d just thrown me that book we can’t find, and wham. He got shot.”
“Anything you’re not telling me?”
“Well, he acted as if he expected someone to be spying on him. He turned up his radio, the one over there on the shelf, and didn’t talk till then.”
“Sounds like he didn’t want your conversation overheard. I wonder why?” Goldberg asked.
“I think he planned to explain the significance of the book he gave me.”
“The same book we can’t find now, right?”
“Somebody didn’t want him to talk to you, that’s for sure. Between the eyes means a pro did this. The other killings were messier, more amateurish. I have a feeling we’re dealing with more than one person on this one.” Goldberg turned to leave. “Let’s head back to the station. Perhaps the CSI team has found something substantive in the evidence.”
Jake followed Goldberg back out to the parking lot. Some of the lights were out, casting dark shadows in the corners. Jake thought he saw a figure standing near the car. “Hey, you!” he shouted.
The figure turned to run, but tripped on a curb, landing flat-faced on the concrete sidewalk. Jake and Goldberg rushed over. “Who the hell?” he asked, as Goldberg turned the figure over, face up.
Blonde tendrils of hair leaked out of the side of the hoody, light blood trickled from the nose of the young woman who lay there, knocked cold by the fall.
“You know who this is?” Goldberg asked.
“I have never seen this person before in my life….” Jake’s words faded away as he looked closer. “Wait, wait, this isn’t possible. No way. You’re supposed to be in college. In California!”
“It is me, dad,” the girl said, wiping the blood off her nose. “Why’d you yell at me like that? You scared me.”
“Dad?!” Goldberg stood, mouth open, staring at Jake.
“Yea. Dad,” he said. “Lt. Goldberg, meet my daughter, Jessica.”


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