Diamond in the Dark…a new direction

turner field

Jake followed Goldberg back out to the parking lot. Some of the lights were out, casting dark shadows in the corners. Jake thought he saw a figure standing near the car. “Hey, you!” he shouted.
The figure turned to run, but tripped on a curb landing flat-faced in the dirt. Jake and Goldberg rushed over. “Who the hell?” he asked, as Goldberg turned the figure over, face up.
Blood and crushed grass concealed the face of the figure. Goldberg leaned down to wipe it off. “Hey! That hurts!”
Jake stepped back, stunned. “What the hell are you doing here, kid?”
“You know this guy?” asked Goldberg.
“Yea, he’s on the grounds crew at Turner Field,” Jake answered as he pulled the kid up by one arm. “I repeat: what the hell are you doing here?”
The boy rubbed his face gingerly, brushing off the clumped grass and blood. “Following you, Mr. Diamond. That’s what the hell I’m doing here.”
Jake glanced over at Goldberg, who shrugged. “So, kid, why are you following me?”
“Pleased to meet you guys. The name’s Jamie. And I’m not just a kid. I’m undercover on the grounds crew.”
Silence filled the darkness. “What?! Undercover? With who?”
“May I reach into my hoody pocket,” the boy said, suiting action to words.
“Sure, just do it slow and easy,” said Goldberg, hand on his gun.
Jamie slowly pulled out a small wallet and flipped it open. “Jamie McCallister, Private Investigator. And my client is confidential. But what I found out might not be. I think my cover’s been blown, so I decided I better find you and let you in on a few things you might not be aware of yet. Mr. Diamond, this isn’t just about you and your former colleague. This is much bigger than anything you might or might not have done fifteen years ago. And if we don’t get someplace safe soon, you might never know, because I believe I was followed as well.”
Goldberg took hold of Jamie’s arm. “Let’s get in my unmarked, make it look like an arrest, that might help.” Jamie agreed. Jake took his other arm as he and Goldberg shoved the kid into the back seat.
“Buckle up, kid. Jake’s driving.”


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