Sleuthfest Is Presenting for the 21st Year

Sleuthfest 20th anniversary shirt

And it promises to be the best ever. That’s not just hyperbole. For the past 20 years, SleuthFest, a conference sponsored by the Florida Chapter of Mystery Writers of America, has developed into the best working writer’s conference in the country. Why?

Let me give you a couple or reasons:

Here is one place you won’t find rabid fan “groupies”, or screaming teenagers looking to get up close and personal with the latest best-selling YA dystopian author. Here is where you will learn how to improve your writing, how to market said writing, and how to work with Editors and Agents to produce the best book you can. Here is where you will learn of the latest forensic investigative techniques, and how to use them in your writing. Here is where you can mingle and have fun with other writers like yourself.

The mystery writer community is something special. Nobody is a prima donna. We all used to be standing where you are: at the bottom of the mountain, looking up.

So come join us. If you’re already set up to attend, I can’t wait to meet you in person. If you haven’t signed up yet, better hurry. I do believe we’re just about sold out.

Go to and see what all the fuss is about.


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