April Fool’s Day and Other Silly Stuff

Happy April Fool’s Day, and no, this isn’t going to be an April Fool’s joke. I wish…

antique coins

So, I woke up this morning to begin my writing day and realized I’m at a standstill without more research into a certain particular type of criminal activity. Which I can’t find on the internet. Well, at least not much. So I have to go Old School: On Friday, I’ll be heading to the library to do hands-on research into Florida law and criminal activities in the early part of this century.

I am specifically speaking of homicides, theft of known antique coins, and how said coins can disappear and reappear. Ahem.  I have the basic novel pretty much outlined, characters busy with what they do (including police homicide lieutenants and Medical Examiners), events in chronological order…except…except…..I can’t figure out why a particular true-life homicide and coin theft has never been solved.

Said crime took place in Athens, Georgia, a long time ago. The homicide has never been solved and, as far as I can see, the coins have never surfaced. I sense a road trip in my future to find out the details.

The victim had a coin collection that everybody in his life knew about, and he bragged about it. Turned out to be a bad idea, that bragging. Sometime killed him and took the collection. And nobody has ever been arrested for it.

I found it by googling unsolved crimes in and around Atlanta in the past 50 years. This one caught my interest because of the coins. How could the collection disappear that completely?

So I decided to make that part of my new Work in Progress. And yes, I’ve fictionalized who and why and how. But what if…what if somebody did figure it out in real life….and the killer gets caught.

Let’s just say I’m being extra careful as to who knows what I’ve made up about this. No bits and pieces of this part of the book will ever make it onto this blog. Not going there.

You just never know.

So the question arises: What would happen if the true perpetrator reads my book sometime in the future? You just never know….


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