Diamond in the Dark: Friends and Enemies

Boca Raton Intracoastal for blog

Detective Sam Falco stood on the sidewalk outside Lynn University, eyeing the remains of an ordinary-looking car. The ambulance had left a few minutes before, headed for the hospital. Sam pulled the pencil from behind his ear, scribbled in his notebook.
“When are you going to join the 21st century, Sam?” asked his partner, Bob Collins.
“When the 21st century stops being so annoying, Bob,” Sam answered, pocketing the notebook. “I want to be able to look at my notes without depending on some electronic gizmo. Now, what do we know about this wreck, and why are we here?”
Collins grunted. “All I know is the Lt. called, told me to get you on the phone, and get over to Lynn, there’d been a suspicious accident.” Bob looked over at Sam, a smirk starting. “Want to make book that Diamond’s involved?”
Sam sighed. “No, too easy. Have we got the security info from the school yet?”
“Yea, it’s in transit, by email. Digital files. You know, the kind you have to get on a computer to access?”
“Stop, Bob. Not going to change my mind. Now, let’s head back to the station and watch the security video. See what we can see.”
Two hours later, Sam pushed away from the desk. Tapping a pencil on the table top, he thought about what he’d just seen. Bits and pieces, not the whole story, but enough.
Jake had been running from whoever had been in the burnt car. Looked like broken black glass and smoking tires on Diamond’s car. That would mean…
Sam picked up the phone. “Coastal Tire? Hi, Bob. This is Sam Falco at the Police station. Is Jake Diamond’s car there?…thought so….no, that’s okay. I’ll talk to Jake myself. Thanks.”


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