Holidays And Homicide

Gator at the beach 2015

We’ve just finished Thanksgiving, and Christmas is peeking around the corner. How does a Florida Writer manage to write in the middle of all the hoopla and holiday madness?

Easy: I just picture someone in the middle of Black Friday, anonymous, eyeing all the other shoppers, making his choices, and acting on them. Homicide? Yes. Cold? No. Sneaky? Of course.

I have been in South Florida for nearly 15 years, and it still surprises me when it isn’t cold in December. Sometimes I really miss the winters in Carolina. On the other hand, sometimes I don’t.

This month has gone by very quickly. My writing has taken a temporary backseat to family and church, but in the back of my mind I see my PI protagonist, Gus Diamond, tossing a baseball with his secretary, surfing at Deerfield Beach with his buddy, Boca detective Sam Falco, and sometimes looking back at me as if to say, Get on the stick, woman. I got murders to solve and bad guys to expose.

Gus grins at me, picks up his board and heads into the surf, shaking his head. I know what he means. Time and criminals wait for no woman to get busy.

See you all here in a few days. Maybe by then I’ll figure out who Gus runs into while surfing.


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