Decisions, Decisions

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I’ve been working on getting a synopsis of my novel WIP done, and I’ve run into a problem: I’ve figured out what’s really going on, so when I work on the synopsis, I end up writing new chapters.

So, decisions decisions…. I am contemplating starting all over again, but writing a one page book flap summary of the events in the book and going from there. I now know what the difficulty is in the muddy middle.

What, you may ask, is the difficulty? Simple. I started writing this book with one idea, then one of the side characters whispered in my ear, “Hey, I’m over here! Pay no attention to that idiot PI. I’m the one who needs to tell this story.”

So, I sat down with a legal pad and worked out a bio for the now no-longer side character, and the light dawned about the events that led up to Gus and Mike being in trouble. Now the murders make sense (at least to me), and the logical progression of the story also makes sense; at least, more than it did when I started.

This is the one I am going to finish by the end of the summer. This is the one that just might be The One that gets my writing noticed.

I started out with a story about a former baseball catcher and his pitcher in trouble; I’ve ended up with that side character (a cop in Boca) being the one who’s telling the story of the fiasco that is the events of this story.

This fictional cop is based on a friend of mine, a fellow writer, who’s better than he thinks he is. I won’t use his name here in the blog, but he gave me permission to name this character after him. I had no idea back then that his character would take over the story

Another thing this means is I have to pull out about 10,000 words, set them aside, and begin again. I know from speaking to other more well-known published writer friends that this happens to them, too.

That’s why tomorrow afternoon, I’m hitting the keyboard and going till the end. I don’t know what will happen but I do know this one is gonna be a blast to write.

And you’re going along for the ride.

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