Mystery Fest Key West 2017: Writers

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2017 Writers

Dan Ames

Dan Ames, author of the award-winning John Rockne Mystery Series, is an international bestselling author and winner of the Independent Book Award for Crime Fiction. His books have been #1 on mystery and crime fiction bestseller lists in both the United States and abroad.

David Beckwith

David Beckwith is a three-generation native of Greenville, Mississippi, with a BBA and an MBA from Ole Miss. His parents owned an independent cash commodity trading firm which also cleared securities trades through Goodbody & Co. David spent 40 years in the securities business, the first half of his career with Bache & Co. and its successors, the second half with Morgan Stanley. He retired as a Senior Vice President with approximately $500 million in responsibilities. For 25 years he has served as an adjunct professor at five different universities. His first book was a narrative nonfiction work published by the University of Alabama Press in 2009 entitled A New Day In The Delta. The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters chose it as the runner-up for nonfiction book of the year. David and his wife Nancy started writing the Will and Betsy Black Adventure Series in 2010. The protagonists of this series are a married couple somewhat reminiscent of Nick and Nora Charles of The Thin Man Series or Jonathan and Jennifer Hart of Hart To Hart. Their unique hook was that like the books’ protagonists the authors were also a happily married couple. Moving to Key West, the Beckwiths were tapped to write a book review column for the Key West Citizen, which David continues to produce on a weekly basis.
Robert Coburn

A native of Norfolk, Virginia, Robert Coburn graduated from Maury High School and then spent three years in the U.S. Army.  Upon his discharge he enrolled in the Norfolk Division of the College of William and Mary VPI as an engineering student.  A year later he transferred to Richmond Professional Institute (now VCU) in Richmond, Virginia, as an advertising major, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Advertising.
Coburn spent his advertising career at major ad agencies in New York and Los Angeles.  He worked ten years with Doyle Dane Bernbach in New York, starting as a copywriter and becoming a Vice President Copy Supervisor.
He joined Rubin Postaer and Associates in Los Angeles where he became a Senior Vice President and Creative Director.Continue Reading Here. . .

John Cunningham

Author John H. Cunningham has a background as eclectic as his literary subjects. Once the editor in chief of The Pro Review, a magazine for professional photographers, he has also enjoyed a long career as a commercial real estate professional developing projects in New York City, Washington, D.C., Toronto and other Mid-Atlantic states. Like his fiction protagonist, Buck Reilly, he’s also an aviation enthusiast, island hopper and an avid escapist. John lived in Key West in the late ’70’s and early 80’s, but now lives in Virginia with his wife and two daughters, and spends much of his time traveling. His choices for the places and plots that populate the Buck Reilly series include many subjects that he loves: Key West, Cuba, the Bahamas, and multiple Caribbean settings, along with amphibious aircraft, colorful characters, and stories that concern themselves with the same tensions and issues that affect all of our lives. He developed Buck Reilly as a protagonist who is more everyman than superman to create a hero on a human scale, with many of the same strengths and weaknesses as the rest of us. Wrapping these elements into a genre that is both popular and under-supplied, his work offers a compelling escape for readers who like against the odds stories in tropical settings. Continue Reading Here…

Mike Dennis

For thirty years, Mike Dennis was a professional musician, retiring from full-time playing around 2003. He then became a professional poker player, and left Key West for Las Vegas. In late 2009, one of his novels was picked up by a publisher and he had to abandon poker to devote time to developing a platform for his books. Since then he has published five more novels, two novelettes, and numerous individual short stories. In December, 2010, Mike moved back to Key West.
In 2013, he had the opportunity to get into audiobook narration. Since then, he has over 40 audio titles available, about half in the crime/noir genre. His biggest title is I, The Jury by Mickey Spillane, the first Mike Hammer novel. Continue Reading Here. . .

Lewis C. Haskell

Lewis C. Haskell is a former international corporate executive and today is a fresh water conch who has owned property in Key West for 15 years. A diver, sailor, and Harley owner he can be found riding his bicycle around town most mornings or with a glass of wine at Grand Vin in the evening.

Susan Haskell/Nora-Jean Perkin

Although fraternal twins born in Canada, Norah-Jean and Susan spent their lives apart.
Susan has lived in Canada and on both US coasts and the Midwest. She was an Operating Nurse assisting in hip replacements to heart surgeries. As a traveler, she has experienced over 50 countries (still more to go). But being a Mum was her favorite job.
Norah-Jean has spent her working life in Ontario, Canada, as a newspaper reporter, freelance writer and editor, and fiction author. She has published five novels, Outrageous, Blue Dawn, Crazy in Chicago, Alien’s
Daughter and Night Secrets. Her inspiration has come from thrills and chills in places as far flung as Timbuktu, West Africa; Sydney, Australia; and down the street from the Shakespeare Festival in Stratford, Ontario. She has a loving husband, and three grown children who keep returning to the “empty nest” despite her best efforts to keep them away.

Renee Kumor

Renee Kumor has lived in North Carolina for over thirty years. The setting for the River Bend Chronicles series reflects her early life in Ohio and her later years in western North Carolina. She was a stay-at-home mom for several years developing a personal ethic of community service. Through the years as her children aged, she became active in the political and non-profit life of the community. She began writing a political opinion column for the local newspaper, but retired from writing when she announced her candidacy for local political office. After eight years as a county commissioner, she returned to non-profit service and began writing a monthly column for the newspaper on non-profit management and service issues. Renee has been married to her husband for forty-four years. They have four children and four grandchildren.
Listen to an interview on Middle of the Air

Meg Muldoon

Meg Muldoon is the Amazon bestselling author of 12 books. A former small town news reporter, Meg has always had a special place in her heart for lost dogs, homeless cats, and feisty old locals. She enjoys bread pudding, red cowboy boots, and craft glue guns.

Meg loves writing cozy mysteries with humor and heart. She lives in central Oregon with an Australian cattle dog named Huckleberry.

Siera London

I write about Sassy, Sensual heroines and the Alpha Males that love them, flaws and all.
Contemporary romance and women’s fiction is my therapy of choice. I served 22 years in the United States Navy as a registered nurse before I decided to focus on my writing career. It’s never too late, to follow your heart’s desire.
I live in Florida Keys with my husband and a color patch tabby named Frie. I am a pet lover at heart. I would gladly welcome more furry friends into the household; however, I had to guilt my husband into the cat. As a native Floridian, it’s nice to leave the DC weather in the rearview mirror. Continue Reading Here. . .

Rick Ollerman

I was born in Minneapolis some time in what seems like the distant past. My parents told me I taught myself to read using the Sunday comics and a particular comic strip that showed each letter of the alphabet and, apparently, how to use it. This might be so. I’ve read of other people who have made that claim themselves. Regardless, I was an early reader. The Hardy Boys, Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigaorsi, biographies, history, pretty much anything I could get my hands on. I won the reading contests at the library in Simsbury, Connecticut for a few years.
Like many people I followed a trajectory of science fiction to westerns and on to crime fiction. I still read what a good amount of science fiction, especially when I walk outside and see the stars and the Milky Way shining down on my house in the New Hampshire north country woods. Continue Reading Here. . .

Reef Perkins

Captain Mark T. “Reef” Perkins is a marine surveyor with a colorful past. From commanding a 150-foot 300 DWT US Army diving ship off Vietnam to smuggling in the Caribbean, Reef Perkins has become a living legend. A graduate of both the US Army Engineer Officer Candidate School and the US Navy Salvage Officers School, he’s a man comfortable in or out of the water. Raised in rural Michigan, Reef now lives in Key West where he can get his feet wet.
Ken Rijock

Ken Rijock is author of “The Laundry Man” and “Dirty Dealing.” Twice decorated Vietnam veteran. High flying lawyer. And one of the world’s biggest money launderers. In 1980s Miami, Ken Rijock was the middle man between the Columbians and the Mafia flooding America’s streets with cocaine and marijuana. Every Friday, carrying hundreds of thousands of dollars in a tattered suitcase, he would fly by private jet to a tax haven in the Caribbean. Rijock’s operation was responsible for “cleaning” over $200 million of dirty cash. And all the time he was in love with a cop. It finally came crashing down when a client testified against him. He agreed go undercover for the FBI, and he now works with banks and governments to track the new generation of money launderers.
Shirrel Rhoades

Co-founder of Mystery Writers Key West Fest, Shirrel Rhoades is a man of many hats — author of numerous mysteries and travel books, a publisher, syndicated film critic, former NYU professor, and museum president. Currently the publisher/CEO of Absolutely Amazing eBooks as well as New Pulp Press, he is a former executive with Reader’s Digest, Scholastic, Harper’s, and Marvel Entertainment, where he succeeded Stan Lee as publisher of Marvel Comics. The Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication selected Rhoades as the 2014 Professional of the Year. He lives full-time in Key West with his wife Diane, 1 dog, and ½ cat. Continue Reading Here. . .

Marjory Sorrel Rockwell

Marjory Sorrell Rockwell says needlecraft arts – quilting, crocheting, knitting – are pastimes every woman can appreciate. And she loves quiltmaking. “It’s like painting with cloth,” she says. But when not quilting she writes mysteries about a midwestern sleuth not unlike herself, a middleaged lady with an unpredictable family and loyal friends. And she’s a big fan of watermelon pie.

Paul Sinor
Paul is a published novelist and produced screenwriter. He has two mystery series in print, one stand-alone novel, a book on marketing screenplays and eight feature films produced from his screenplays. He is a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel and was the Liaison to the TV and Film Industry in Los Angeles, CA for five years and worked on TRANSFORMERS 1&2, I AM LEGEND, GI JOE, THE MESSENGER and many other films and television episodes. He teaches screenwriting at the University of West Florida, in Pensacola. Paul has a MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University. His website is:

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